Enabling GDAL image formats support


This document only concerns the extra image formats that can be made available in GeoServer via GDAL. The GDAL binaries, such as gdalinfo are installed separately.

Boundless Server comes with support for publishing data from many formats supported by the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL). These formats include DTED, EHdr, AIG, ENVIHdr, and much more.


See the Installation section for more information on the various ways to install Boundless Server.


Installation instructions are dependent on your operating system and method of install:


The Boundless Server virtual machine has most extensions pre-installed.


To verify that the GDAL native library extension has been installed properly:

  1. Navigate to the GeoServer web application and login using the admin credentials.

  2. Navigate to the GeoServer Detailed Status Page at http://localhost:8080/geoserver/rest/about/status.

  3. Verify that the GDAL extension is available (Enabled and Available both set to true):


    GDAL available

    If you don’t see this exactly as displayed, the extension did not install correctly.

  4. Click Stores then Add new store.

  5. In the list of Raster Data Stores, you should see extra raster formats, such as MrSID, EHdr, and NITF.


    GDAL formats in the list of raster stores

    If you don’t see these entries, the extension did not install correctly.