Working with GRIB data

Boundless Server supports data saved in GRIB format. GRIB is a data format commonly used in meteorology to store weather data, both historical and predicted.

This data can be loaded and published through GeoServer. Both GRIB 1 and GRIB 2 formats are supported.


NetCDF is also supported via a separate extension.

Installing GRIB support

GRIB support isn’t enabled by default, so it must be separately installed through an extension.

Installing support for this is the same as most Boundless Server Extensions.

Installation instructions are dependent on your operating system and method of install:


The Boundless Server virtual machine has most extensions pre-installed.

Verifying installation

To verify that the extension has been installed properly:

  1. Log in to the GeoServer web interface.

  2. Click Stores then Add new store.

  3. In the list of Raster Data Stores, you should see an entry for GRIB.


    GRIB in the list of raster stores

    If you don’t see this entry, the extension did not install correctly.

For more information on adding a store and publishing layers, please see the GeoServer documentation for GRIB.


Because of its relation to NetCDF, installing the GRIB extension will also add support for the NetCDF store as well.

GRIB2 files on a latitude/longitude grid (GDS template 0) now have longitudes in the range (0, 360). Previous releases presented these longitudes as being in the range (-180, 180).