Modifying or adding a schema or view

Schemas can be modified by interacting with the schema store. Multiple schemas, or views, can be created for a single MongoDB document collection by creating a new, unique, typeName and specifying the collection under the root-level userData object. If a view is added it will be available as a new layer name listed when adding a new layer against the store. If a schema is modified it can be realized by editing the layer for the schema and selecting Reload feature type on the layer data page.

File URI schema stores

For the directory-based schema store, edit the JSON document with the typeName requiring modification. The document must be compliant with the JSON schema format. Schemas are written by the store without indenting. Indenting can be introduced to ease editing without side effects. Non-ASCII characters are not allowed.

MongoDB URI schema stores

Using a MongoDB document manipulation tool, update or insert the schema document in the collection maintaining the document in a form that follows the JSON schema format. The JSON files contained in the file schema store are in a format that can be inserted into a MongoDB schema store if the typeName in the file is unique to the document collection as enforced by an index.