Enabling MrSID image support

Boundless Server comes with support for publishing data from many formats supported by the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL). These formats include DTED, EHdr, AIG, ENVIHdr, and much more.

MrSID is available as an optional extension as well, but due to licensing issues, it is not enabled by default. The steps to enable support will differ depending on how Boundless Server is installed, and on what platform.

Find the method of installation below and continue there.


Installation instructions are dependent on your operating system and method of install:


The Boundless Server virtual machine has most extensions pre-installed.


  1. To verify that the MrSID extension was installed properly, navigate to the GeoServer web admin interface and log in with administrator credentials.

  2. Click on Stores and then Add new Store. There should be a MrSID option under Raster Data Formats.


    Verifying that MrSID is an option in the Raster Data Sources